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‘Supernatural’ EPs & Cast On Potential Season 14 Pick Up & What To Expect In The Remaining Episodes

The cast and creatives of the CW’s Supernatural made their way to the Dolby Theater in Hollywood for PaleyFest 2018. Before they stepped on stage for a panel discussion led by Entertainment Weekly’s Samantha Highfill, the audience members were treated to a world premiere screening of Scoobynatural, the upcoming animated Supernatural and Scooby-Doo crossover episode.

Sitting onstage were Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Alexander Calvert, along with Exec Producers and Showrunners Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb as well as EPs Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner.

While there was no official word on the future of the long-running series, currently in its 13th season, Singer hinted at a strong possibility that a season 14 renewal announcement was on the horizon. When asked about the introduction of The Big Empty episode, which led to Collins playing an alternate version of his character, and the possibility of revisiting, Singer responded, “we might visit it next year. We’re talking about it.” This made the crowd erupt in cheers.

Also suggesting more seasons to come, when Singer was asked about casting Calvert in the role of Jack, a new addition to this season, he said, “we knew it was going to be a season long and maybe more,” when referring to the part of Jack.

A season 14 renewal would come as no surprise as the series continues to be a sturdy ratings performer — linearly and digitally– for the network. CW President Mark Pedowitz has stated that the show will carry on as long as Padalecki and Ackles want to do it. Judging from the exchange of adoration and gratitude for each other and the show during today’s talk (“There are many reasons why I still truly enjoy doing this show,” said Ackles), it doesn’t seem like the guys are ready to hang up their hats just yet.

Season 14 aside, the stars offered some tidbits on what’s to come as the current season wraps May 3.

Sam is okay,” Padalecki assured fans. “I think Sam has a problem where he focuses on his failures… it has been part of the archetype all along.” He added, “We see Sam go to the nth degree this season and really give it all he’s got to try to make the world a better place.

Dean was certainly out of sorts in the beginning. There was a lot of loss in his life and he was at a loss. He didn’t quite know which road to take,” said Ackles about his characters lack of motivation. “Luckily he’s not alone and has his brother to pick him up when he’s down…As we get closer to the end of the season we’ll see Dean step up in a big way.


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10 Things You Never Knew About ‘Supernatural’—Straight from Alexander Calvert

1. All I need to do each day to help me get into character as Jack is glance down at my old man/preschool style velcro sneakers.
2. We are fortunate enough to shoot in Vancouver, British Columbia, which means we get to visit these beautiful locations throughout the province and work with our amazing crew in sun, rain, and—most recently—snow.
3. In our latest episode “Good Intentions,” I’m lucky enough to work with Samantha Smith and Jim Beaver. Everything we shot for this episode was in the pouring rain, and pretty much took place in a mud pit. I felt like we were shooting the sequel to Apocalypse Now.
4. On Supernatural, Jack and the boys mostly eat from fast food burger joints since we are always on the road, but in real life I have recently become obsessed with Chef’s Table.
5. One of my favorite characters as a teenager was Joe Pesci’s “Tommy DeVito” in Goodfellas. So playing Jack has been fun because he is the polar opposite of that.
6. My favorite location we shot at during season 13 was the abandoned and decaying ferry in episode 9, “The Bad Place.” Our director, Phil Sgriccia, was able to get an amazing one-shot sequence taken from a drone of all us running into the ferry.
7. Because of the fast pace of the show, the boys and Jack rarely have downtime to read because they are fighting demons or stabbing someone with an angel blade. Whereas, in real life, I always have a book or two in my backpack.
8. The best part of being on Supernatural has been seeing incredible community of fans that support not only the show, but each other.
9. I joked on Twitter that Jack was listening to Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llif3,” but at this point I think he’s more into Tame Impala.
10. My dream for Supernatural would be an episode that we could shoot in New Orleans. Having visited there, I feel the history and lore of city would match the show perfectly.

11. A great thing about playing Jack is his constant dedication to the things that matter most to him. Family, loyalty, and Nougat.