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Alexander Calvert added to 2018 Supernatural conventions

Fans of nougat-loving Jack will be happy to know that Alexander Calvert will be at more Creation Ent. Supernatural conventions in 2018.

Creation Ent. announced on Feb. 7 that there will be more chances to see the nougat-loving Jack in person. Alexander Calvert has been added to more 2018 Supernatural conventions, including an event in Canada and in the United Kingdom. While the website hasn’t been updated yet, it will be very soon.

This is an excellent chance to see the newest and youngest member of the onscreen SPNFamily. He’ll join the main three stars and a handful of actors and actresses who play both loved and despised characters. Just recently, David Haydn-Jones and Briana Buckmaster were added to cons coming up.

So far, Calvert has been added to Vancouver, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Indianapolis and the United Kingdom convention. There will likely be both autograph and photo opportunities, just like there are with all the rest.

Many fans are hoping that he’ll be added to the roster for many more. It will all depend on his filming schedule and other commitments, but Creation has admitted that they’re trying to get him to at least New Jersey. Fans have offered money and cookies to make it possible.

According to SPN Hunters’ previous list of 2018 Supernatural conventions, Las Vegas is the next con, which Calvert will attend. It’s on Feb. 22-25 and there is still time to get your tickets. After that, #SPNUK will be the next event you can see him at, which is in May.


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