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Alexander Calvert interview: Jack’s powers, a time jump, and more

Supernatural Season 14 will be here before you know it. For today’s interview from SDCC, it’s all about Jack. Here’s a look at what Alexander Calvert has to say about what’s to come.
The last we saw of Jack, he’d lost his grace to Lucifer and was now human. To save Sam, he even offered to kill himself just to get Lucifer off his back. Of course, that’s didn’t happen when Michael!Dean showed up, Lucifer was killed, and Michael took full control of his sword. Supernatural Season 14 will see our most powerful being in existence become one of the weakest and in this SDCC interview, Alexander Calvert shares what that’s going to look like.

During the interview, he talks about how there will be a small time jump. This is nothing like we’ve seen in the past, where we’ve seen a one-year time jump. We’ll get a small jump just to see the story move forward, which means we’re picking up shortly after Jack loses his powers and Michael has taken over Dean.

Calvert also shares how his character is going to feel helpless and will struggle with everything that has happened. This is a character who has been able to help people from the moment he was born. Now he’s powerless and it’s not clear just how long that will last. Calvert doesn’t even seem to know how long it will be, as this talk of how long it takes for grace to replenish hasn’t happened before. Well, it did with Gabriel, but he, unfortunately, wasn’t around long enough to answer the questions.

Check out the full roundtable interview with Alexander Calvert from FanSided’s Entertainment Director, Cody Schultz, below. As you would expect, there are some spoilers of things to come but only for the start of the season.