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Alexander Calvert interview: Jack’s powers, a time jump, and more

Supernatural Season 14 will be here before you know it. For today’s interview from SDCC, it’s all about Jack. Here’s a look at what Alexander Calvert has to say about what’s to come.
The last we saw of Jack, he’d lost his grace to Lucifer and was now human. To save Sam, he even offered to kill himself just to get Lucifer off his back. Of course, that’s didn’t happen when Michael!Dean showed up, Lucifer was killed, and Michael took full control of his sword. Supernatural Season 14 will see our most powerful being in existence become one of the weakest and in this SDCC interview, Alexander Calvert shares what that’s going to look like.

During the interview, he talks about how there will be a small time jump. This is nothing like we’ve seen in the past, where we’ve seen a one-year time jump. We’ll get a small jump just to see the story move forward, which means we’re picking up shortly after Jack loses his powers and Michael has taken over Dean.

Calvert also shares how his character is going to feel helpless and will struggle with everything that has happened. This is a character who has been able to help people from the moment he was born. Now he’s powerless and it’s not clear just how long that will last. Calvert doesn’t even seem to know how long it will be, as this talk of how long it takes for grace to replenish hasn’t happened before. Well, it did with Gabriel, but he, unfortunately, wasn’t around long enough to answer the questions.

Check out the full roundtable interview with Alexander Calvert from FanSided’s Entertainment Director, Cody Schultz, below. As you would expect, there are some spoilers of things to come but only for the start of the season.


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10 Things You Never Knew About ‘Supernatural’—Straight from Alexander Calvert

1. All I need to do each day to help me get into character as Jack is glance down at my old man/preschool style velcro sneakers.
2. We are fortunate enough to shoot in Vancouver, British Columbia, which means we get to visit these beautiful locations throughout the province and work with our amazing crew in sun, rain, and—most recently—snow.
3. In our latest episode “Good Intentions,” I’m lucky enough to work with Samantha Smith and Jim Beaver. Everything we shot for this episode was in the pouring rain, and pretty much took place in a mud pit. I felt like we were shooting the sequel to Apocalypse Now.
4. On Supernatural, Jack and the boys mostly eat from fast food burger joints since we are always on the road, but in real life I have recently become obsessed with Chef’s Table.
5. One of my favorite characters as a teenager was Joe Pesci’s “Tommy DeVito” in Goodfellas. So playing Jack has been fun because he is the polar opposite of that.
6. My favorite location we shot at during season 13 was the abandoned and decaying ferry in episode 9, “The Bad Place.” Our director, Phil Sgriccia, was able to get an amazing one-shot sequence taken from a drone of all us running into the ferry.
7. Because of the fast pace of the show, the boys and Jack rarely have downtime to read because they are fighting demons or stabbing someone with an angel blade. Whereas, in real life, I always have a book or two in my backpack.
8. The best part of being on Supernatural has been seeing incredible community of fans that support not only the show, but each other.
9. I joked on Twitter that Jack was listening to Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llif3,” but at this point I think he’s more into Tame Impala.
10. My dream for Supernatural would be an episode that we could shoot in New Orleans. Having visited there, I feel the history and lore of city would match the show perfectly.

11. A great thing about playing Jack is his constant dedication to the things that matter most to him. Family, loyalty, and Nougat.


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Supernatural’s Alexander Calvert Has the Greatest Cat Instagram on the Internet

This year, Alexander Calvert’s career exploded: The 27-year-old joined the cast of the CW behemoth Supernatural—the TV series about two monster-hunting brothers and a fallen angel fighting for the fate of the universe—in its thirteenth (!!) season. Calvert plays Jack, the newborn half-angel, half-human love child of Lucifer (yes, that Lucifer). He’s the first to join the cast as a lead without starting off as a guest star since the show’s originals, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

Something else new for Calvert? Supernatural’s superfans, some of whom have been watching since 2005, write thousands of fan fiction works, and travel all across the globe for a photo or conversation with their favorite stars—Creation Entertainment alone has 21 domestic and international Supernatural conventions scheduled for the year of 2018.

But he had nothing to worry about. The Vancouver native has been widely well-received by fans, capturing their hearts with his character’s adorable affinity for nougat and determination to do good with his inexplicable powers, regardless of their nefarious origins. Honestly, it’s not hard to fall for Calvert: He’s hot, a dancer—he studied musical theatre dance and hip hop until he was encouraged to start acting at the age of 15—and co-owns the best, most regal cat on Instagram.

We spoke with Alex about the explosive midseason finale of Supernatural, his first-ever fan convention, and the Miniature Persian himself, Lord Tyrion.

So Jack has reunited with Sam and Dean, only to be separated from them again when they utilize Jack’s new power. Are we going to be doing a lot of world jumping? Because it seems like Sam and Dean are stuck in dinosaur land, while Jack’s with Mary in apocalypse world…
Yea, Jack’s powers are definitely opening up tons of new possibilities for the show, especially the potential for world-jumping, finding new characters, and finding old characters.

Speaking of new characters, this episode introduces Kaia, who we know will be on Supernatural’s spinoff Wayward Sisters. Based on your powerful connection with her, do you think we’ll see Jack crossing over into that series?
I have no idea what they’re doing with that show [laughs]. I’m at their mercy. I just think that Jack and Kaia had a really interesting relationship and I really enjoyed shooting that stuff with her because they had so many similarities in terms of what they were dealing with and going through, especially with her being unable to control her powers. It was fun to see Jack kind of foster a new relationship and really help guide her along her path.

We learn, once and for all, in this episode that Jack has no feelings towards Lucifer whatsoever–which is good for the boys to know. but how would you characterize his relationships at this point with Sam, Dean, and Castiel?
I mean, what I really like about this episode is we definitely don’t know where Jack fits yet. But the fun part about this season, I think, has been him realizing what the true concept of a family actually is. Not necessarily who you’re real father is or you know say your mother, but in this case the people that really love and care about you become his surrogate family, and it was really nice to have that moment in the episode.

What was it like joining a show that’s already been on the air for 13 seasons—especially one with such a strong following?
Pretty daunting. I wanted to be as respectful and delicate as possible, just because people have grown up with these characters, you know? They’ve gone on just this massive journey. So, I just wanted to work well in the machine that already exists. The fan base has been really welcoming and incredible so far, and it’s just nice to be a part of something that people are so passionate about.

Had you watched the show before you were cast?
No. That’s kind of the crazy part. I’m from Vancouver, so I’d see the signs for filming. I mean, I’ve been seeing the signs since I was 15. So, it was kind of strange to finally be a part of the show that I feel like I’ve grown up around and seen people go through around me.

What was it like when you met your co-star Misha Collins and you realized you look exactly like him?
I didn’t really clue into it at first. I was just like “Oh, it’s great, I get to meet Misha! I finally get to meet Castiel.” But then, people started sending me these photos at various points in me and Misha’s life, where our faces are looking the exact same direction. We have a similar expression on our faces. Initially, I didn’t really know what to think, but then I’ve seen so many of these photos now that I’m kind of blown away. I actually can’t believe it myself. It’s weird. Like it’s tripping me out, you know?

You just attended your first fan convention in San Francisco. What was your wildest interaction?
[The convention was] a little overwhelming. Everybody kind of warned me about how passionate all of the fans are, but to actually meet the people, and see the people, and have people ask me questions about the show, it was really incredible. Craziest interaction? Someone asked me to marry them, but I think that’s par for the course for the show.

Did you say yes?
I did not. Unfortunately, I gave a really honest answer. I was like, “Uh, I’m not ready, but thank you.” You know?

I have to say, I’m a huge fan of your cat’s Instagram.
Really? Lord Tyrion? Me and my girlfriend have had an Instagram account for the cat for years. I mean he’s the lord and he’s very demanding. So, I think his Instagram reflects that.

Would Lord Tyrion ever join you on set?
No, he’s pretty content in the kingdom. I don’t think he’d do well in the outside world. It’s probably pretty jarring for him.

Does he watch the show? And what are his thoughts?
I don’t think he really gives a shit about anything other than me opening the next can of Fancy Feast.